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Complete Forging and Stamping Equipment Service
  • Thorough Rebuilding
  • Component Repair
  • Large Machine Shop
  • Clutch Conversions
  • Heavy Welding and Brazing
  • Complete Rigging and Trucking Service
  • New Parts to Your Specifications


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      Metalist completed The Largest Remanufacture of a Mechanical Press in the United States, and probably in the world, in a record time of 9 months!  It was on a 6,000T Ajax Press.  We also had it running in our plant standing up!  The OEM had to run it off on its side when they made it the first time…. That gives you an idea on how large our facilities are!  That press was shipped to England.  We also have remanufactured one of the largest Upsetters… a 10”!   We have remanufactured and shipped presses to Canada, Mexico, Korea, Germany and many other countries besides the USA.   We also do emergency work all across this country.  Most clients really don’t care if we are a few miles away, if we can get their press running days, weeks or even months sooner than someone closer.       Send us in a smaller project so you can check us out how it is to work with us, so when you do have a major press emergency you’ll already know us.  If you already have a great working relationship with another source… keep us in mind for as a back up in case they can get something done as quickly as you need it.  

Production Equipment

  • (3) Table Mills, (3) Floor Mills & (3) Bridgeports - Spindle Sizes from 3" - 8", Horizontal 40' x Vertical 20'
  • (9) Engine Lathes - 24" to 80" Swings, 6' to 40' between Centers
  • (2) Vertical Lathes - 64" & 95" with Multiple Heads
  • Gear Cutting Capabilities
  • Slotters & Keyway Cutting Machines
  • Portable Milling & Boring Equipment capable of boring holes from 2" to 60" ID x 18" L
  • Welding Capabilities - Automatic/Semi-Automatic Stick Units, TIG, MIG, Heavy Brazing, Sub-Arc, & Robotic Welding Systems
  • Lifting capacity in our plant up to 150 tons and portable lifting capacity up to 100 tons


  • Over 100,000 sq. ft. all under one roof
  • (6) Large Working Bays up to 50 ft. High with (15) Overhead Cranes
  • Built-In Press Assembly Pit 15'W x 30'L x 11'D
  • Hammer Base Firing Pit
  • Reinforced Floor to Hold Over 2 Million Pounds of Running Press

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to EARN your business.  

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