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 Is a new press better than an old rebuilt or remanufactured press?

       Not necessarily.   When the big rush to buy off shore new presses came a few years back, we found that they were having some of the same problems the older domestic presses had many years ago.   There are a lot of things to consider.  What are you going to be doing with the press?  Do you want the lighter press or is a heavier press and advantage to you?  Why are you wanting a new one in the first place?   When we rebuild, we can put all the lastest and greatest features on the press.   Some that you couldn’t get from the manufacture even if you wanted (as in the old assembly line adage…. What color of black do you want it painted).   It works out great for our clients in that need their electricals  and  pneumatics matching.   Our clients that choose to have us rebuild or remanufacture verses buying new love the fact that they can get all of the extras for less money spent and get the press running sooner in their plant than they could if they buy new.

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 How do I choose a press repair company?

        We have been in the press repair and rebuilding industry for over 50 years.  A chunk of our business has been people that have come to us after having getting into a bind with a company that tried to cut corners.  As in everything else all press repair houses are not all the same.  Do they know the basics like the types of metal you braze or weld on or with?  How to properly fix gear teeth or cracks?  And YOU have to know what you are looking for.  If you are looking for cheap fixes, band aid type repairs, we would not be a good fit for you.  Funny some companies are more interested in finding a repair house to finance them than they are in the turnaround time of getting their production line back in running.  Our expertise for 50 years is getting our clients out of an emergency situation.  We turn things around faster than others could dream possible.  That costs money to do and we know how to do it.  As our turnarounds are tight, our terms are also.  Our best customers send us deposits and payments before we ask as they know that we can sometimes beat even our own expedited delivery times if payments are coming on time.  Just having a company down the street doesn't mean that they are going to have you up and running faster... so you have to decide what is most important to YOU.  Not only do we have a large facility, we have many additional mills and lathes dedicated to emergency work.  Set up times can be a killer if they have to take one piece off and put an emergency project on first.  What if your project isn't "the emergency," will it be pulled off if something hotter shows up?  We have close to 100,000 sq. ft. under one roof meaning that if we are making a part in one part of the building and fitting it on another side we have basically the same temperature throughout.  What is the level of expertise that you are requiring?  We do a lot of "old timer" stuff, the hand scraping and flaking in the bearings, etc... the type of stuff that can extend the length of time in-between rebuilds.  Do you know what your downtime costs you and does it matter in this particular project?  We had clients that know to the hour and minute what their downtime costs and chose even our expedited option as it was most cost effective for them, so if that is most important you want to know how accurate their lead times are.  When we bid, if we say a 2-3 week delivery time, we can get it done in 2 weeks, but we put 3 weeks in case something doesn't go through as smooth.  If someone quotes a 2-4 lead time, that isn't the same, especially if they don't consistently make the upper end.  Quality, we guarantee our  quality.  In fact, we will spend more time bringing you up to OUR quality standards than the other way around.  When we get a project in, we will tell you what you NEED to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.  If we know that you are going to be needing new bearings by doing the project that you asked, we tell you up front, even if it costs us the project, instead of coming back to you later for something that we knew up front.  Of course there are things that we can't predict... we don't always know what all happened in your breakdown until it is torn apart, but there are some things that we know because of our vast experience that we share with you, so you can let your powers to be, so you don't have to keep "going to the well," so to speak. 

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 Money is tight, what is the least I can do to get by?

       This is a difficult question.  Financial realities or production demands often cry for a quick, low cost fix when a problem arises.  Sometimes there is an excellent temporary resolution to a new problem.  But, unfortunately, too often the future can be sacrificed on the altar of the immediate.  You probably don’t want the quick tweak to mask more complex issues that eventually could cause far more difficult problems.

       Give us a call and let us know your situation.  We’ve had 50 years of assisting hundreds of companies make decisions that are production and finance appropriate.  Your situation may be new to you, but commonplace to us.  We’ve been here for these decades because we’re happiest when you’re doing well.  We’ll discuss all the options with you … both short term semi-temporary resolutions so you can keep production targets on schedule … and the long term implications of possible further complications if the “quick fix” isn’t ultimately replaced with a comprehensive reworking.

       Accurate information is your friend in making these difficult decisions.  We’ll help you consider the implications of each path of action available to you.  Our goal:

… the safety of your people

…with production at the highest possible levels

… at the most financially efficient investment.

       Obviously we love sales … but we value a happy customer more than another job.  Let us help you make the wisest decisions regarding that pesky press or hammer.  We’re ready to help you get that equipment back in service at the most reasonable and long term effective cost.

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 Shouldn’t I go to the OEM for parts?

       It’s possibly wise to check with the OEM first when you need parts.  If they have it on the shelf, and even in light of the wear and tear on your press it is still a perfect fit, and the price is right and they can get it to you overnight, that’s wonderful.   Go for it.

       Sometimes a replacement part isn’t a shelf item … and sometimes the shelf item, even with the right part number, no longer meets the need.  When the shelf item isn’t available or no longer meets the need, that’s when we can help.  We may need pictures, prints or even the worn out part, but we can supply you, in timely manner, with what you need to get back into production.

A case in point.  A plant in Texas had a gear go down on a Thursday.  The manager said,  “Get it fixed.”  Fearing a lengthy delay in production, he was immediately troubled when he saw the same press running early the next week.  A few questions later he learned that the gear had been overnighted to us.  We printed out the gear so we could make a new one and fixed the broken gear, shipping it back to them overnight.  A few years later they called to say they needed a new gear.  We told them we’d love to make one for them, but they didn’t need a new one because we already made one for them.  They would find it somewhere in their warehouse.  They did … and they were ecstatic. 

       We love the adventure of meeting your needs.  When the OEM can’t supply exactly what you need, we can … and will, with time and money savings.

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 Why do you talk about Predictive Maintenance instead of preventative programs?

       Think about it!  There’s really no such thing as “Preventive Maintenance.”  The effective use of any machine is going to require top-notch maintenance.  When the machine runs, wear and tear takes place.  The perfect, maintenance free metal forming machine has not yet been invented.  The key to efficient, long term productive use of your equipment is knowing when and why your press or hammer needs loving care.

       Where does Metalist fit in this picture?  Two places:

…when equipment finally “overcomes” your excellent maintenance and needs major assistance, the kind that is more than your staff can give, and

…when those ugly, unfortunate accidents take place and immediate rehabilitation is required.

        Excellent maintenance allows you to predict when major assistance … the Metalist kind … is going to be needed.  Happy is the shop where down time is minimized because advanced planning is done.  Even happier is the shop where quick turn-around in emergencies reduces the unexpected lag in production. 

       Metalist can put a smile on your face when equipment can be a “pain in your neck.”

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***Disclaimer:  all answers and advice are based our own opinion on generalities.  If similarities or likeness to any entity or person exists it is entirely coincidental.  Please consult your press care provider or call us for specifics. ***
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