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An example that happens frequently, whether it's 300 miles away or over 1,200 miles:  we get called into a Forging plant for an emergency gear repair.  A tooth was broken, we were called Friday morning and by Monday morning they were running again.  We did the "dental work" on site and printed up the gear as they wanted us to make them a spare once we got back. One time when we did this the company called back 4 years later and wanted a new gear made.  Our engineer told the gentlemen he would love to earn his business, but he knew that we made one already that the original repaired gear was still on the press.  The gentleman in charge of maintenance told us he shook his head and looked in the one small corner of the warehouse that wasn't cleaned out yet and sure enough, the brand new gear was setting there.

Depending on how it is broken, aside from making a whole new gear, we also do quite a bit of rerimming out clients existing gears or fixing the broken teeth themselves.  We will cut the broken tooth completely out.  We then dovetail into the rim and build the new tooth off of what is there, causing that tooth to be stronger than all of the rest of the teeth on the gear.  You need to be leery of anyone proposing to just bolt in a few new teeth. 

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